Welcome To MMOHZ!

My lifestyle allows me virtually 24/7 365 for photography and artistic creativity, and I take full advantage of it.

Welcome to my MMOHZ (pronounced mem-os, like a memo or note) website. My name is David, and this is my journal blog. This is a daily blog where I write about the mundane things in my day to day life, interesting things I may run across to share, and also about the various personal & business projects I work on.

The way I handle writing this journal is, each day I will start a new post for that day with some initial writing to start that post off. Then throughout the day I will add updates about whatever it is that might be on my mind, or that I want to share. That essentially makes this a blog that it is updated in real time, provided I have internet access, and the motivation to keep up. So you’ll need to check back a few times each day, or every other day, or whatever works for you to keep up with my writing.

When I am not writing here at MMOHZ, I am working on new photo ebooks which you can find on my main website at DDAVIDD.com. Please do check them out. Some of them are free, and others can be purchased in my ebook store on Gumroad. I give you big thanks if you purchase one of my ebooks. Your support is greatly appreciated.

As this is a brand new website, I am in process of building pages. As with all projects, things take time. Thanks for your patience while I’m getting settled in here.

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MMOHZ.com is implementing RSS feeds in our blog from news sources and various publishers to boost content and make it easy to get some access to top news and headlines here on our website. Our selection of rss feeds is small at the moment, however we’re searching for, and looking to expand this section of our website over time.

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My Rules For Running This Journal Blog:

Keep this website as light as possible. My goal is to post only one blog post per day which will serve as my journal entry for the day. Also I want to only add necessary pages. This does not have to be a big website with hundreds of pages, only hundreds of journal entries as they accumulate over time.

No unnecessary photos. I have one image used for page and post headers. This image features my website’s journal logo. That should suffice for distributing my daily writing. It should also make it easier when publishing from my phone and I won’t have to worry about hunting down new images to use as headers.

Keep my writing to topics that pertain to me, my interest, and my projects work. No writing about private things that shouldn’t be public.

Can I stick to my own rules? We’ll see.

Halloween and Autumn graphics used on this page are provided by Pixabay members: Spiders web by OpenClipart-Vectors and pumpkins by dandelion_tea.

NOTICE: This is a brand new website. Many pages and writings are in development. I apologize if some things look “lacking” for awhile.

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NOTICE: Some content (NOT YET – BUT COMING SOON) on this website (art images in particular) may be NSFW (not safe for work, adults only, mature content). Images may depict erotic nudity. I strive to only post content that meets the conditions and limitations of my webhost provider regarding artistic expressions in the art I create and post on this website. This notice provided as courtesy for those who may find themselves easily offended.


Thank you for reading MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes). If you are new here, every day on this daily journal, I share my life of creativity as a content creator in art, and photography. I also participate in curating interesting content as I find it on the internet. Each day starts one new journal entry that I write updates to throughout the day about my projects, and other things to share.

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