MMOHZ Journal Entry 003 Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

Today is Tuesday, October 18th, 2022, and this is my journal entry 003 for MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes), my journal of day to day life, interesting things to share, and my projects.

NOTICE: Each day a new journal entry begins with little writing. Throughout the day I write and add content. At the end of the day, this page will be filled with the full day’s journal writing, and all of the content I have collected.

11:05 AM CST – I am getting this journal entry started late today. That is because I had a lot of content to add into yesterday’s entry that I had saved to post, but didn’t get a chance to do right away. The temperature is cold this morning at 49 degrees. We have a potential freeze and frost coming later tonight through to tomorrow morning. I’ve been up for hours. I need to get some rest. I’m gonna go lay in bed with my phone and see what’s good on Twitter while I fade into unconsciousness for awhile.

8:35 PM CST – Just woke up 10 minutes ago. It’s 43 degrees outside. Gotta get some food in me.

9:19 PM CST – My desk chair in my home office has been gradually sinking down over time and I didn’t even realize it until tonight when it just felt so low to the floor. Definitely not good for posture. Check your chairs people, especially if you spend long hours at your desk working. We have freeze warnings in effect in Alabama tonight. So I’m not getting out anywhere. I will be camping out in my home office drinking coffee and getting some work done. I’m listening to weather radio in the kitchen and all it says we’ll have is cold weather all week long. Can’t do anything but make the best of it.

Interesting Things I Found To Share Today:

Nothing for today.

New Quotes and Sayings I Collected Today:

The way you speak about yourself is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal.

Never tell everyone everything. You might be educating the enemy.

Notice everything. Stay quiet.

Be real, not perfect.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

Strange how addicts always hustle for the money for their addiction yet YOU won’t even hustle for your future!

Keep your big goals away from small minds.

You’re not born only once, life is a continuous rebirth. Finding yourself and being reborn and discovering new change is key to growth.

You start something new as many times as you like. No one can stop you.

Each day is a small lifetime. Live a good life today.

Your beliefs drive your behaviors. So believe in being kind, respectful, humble, and generous.

Imagine you pick up a glass of water. Hold it for a minute, not a problem. Hold it for an hour, you’ll start to ache. After a day, your arm will feel paralyzed. The weight of the glass doesn’t change. Worries in life are like the glass. The more you hold on, the heavier it gets.

The more you focus on your problems, the bigger they get, and the more it hurts. We can’t stay paralyzed worrying about our worries. Instead of worrying about things, we can take preventative action to change the trajectory of what is causing us to worry.

The longer you keep garbage in your house, the strong the smell. So don’t hoard garbage.

Mastering the art of letting go is tough. But when you do, it will be your greatest gift to yourself. And most importantly, letting go helps you declutter your mind to better focus on growth and productivity.

Every worry is a rock you add to your backpack that you keep carrying. Your worries can not weigh you down if you let them go.

It’s better to come to peace with your past and your problems so that they don’t come to haunt you in the future.

Risk is better than regret.

Your energy isn’t for everyone.

Stay away from toxic people who are always trying to bring you down.

The less you share, the better. Your enemies can’t ruin what they don’t know.

NEVER put something off until tomorrow if it can be done today. If it can be done in less than 5 minutes, do it now. Putting things off until tomorrow is a negative. It’s like telling yourself that whatever you were supposed to do isn’t very important. Procrastination is a powerful opponent of success. Help your future self by doing it today. It frees tomorrow up and makes it far easier. Delaying efforts can only delay your progress.

If something is truly important you would push through it today. Procrastination is a bitch. If it’s important, do it now. Just do it!

A life without cause, is a life without effect. – Paulo Coelho

Tough fact about human nature: No matter what they say, people are 100% OK with you suffering so they can prosper. The only defense is awareness and becoming meaner and more ruthless.

Too much comfort will lead you to a very uncomfortable life long term. Your comfort zone and your complacency are your biggest enemies by far! Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Your comfort zone is destroying your potential. Comfort zone has never been the success zone.

The most expensive thing in life is a missed opportunity. Take every risk and every opportunity in front of you so that you don’t have any regrets when you get older. You don’t know how many opportunities you will get, you have to take every one.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door- Milton Berle

Regret is the biggest pain in the world.

Spending money to show people how much money you have is the fastest way to have less money. It is an indication of a very bad mindset and financial management.

Do not fall into the trap of increasing your expenses after a salary increase. Keep the same house. Keep the same car. Avoid luxury items. Invest the difference, and let it compound over time. Living below your means is a valuable asset for your future.

How much you can save is limited, but how much you can earn is not.

Broke people like money. Rich people like assets. Wealthy people like time. Use your money to buy assets that will buy your time back.

Being humble will take you to greater heights in life. Never let your victories get to your head. You’re either humble or a loud mouth with an ego the size of the world. Most people don’t like the former. Your success does not add value to your ego.

Everyday you need to be earning or learning. Anything less is failure. Life long learning, infinite growth mindset and mindfulness is the perfect trifecta!

Have a strong purpose. Your purpose pushes you to go when your motivation slows. Purpose is like the annoying friend that insists you go out during a breakup. When purpose is the drive, nothing can stop you. You’ll always figure it out if you have purpose. Your why should move you to greatness. If it doesn’t, your why is not strong enough. Don’t just have a desire. Have a vision. Remember WHY you have to do this. You will be unstoppable when you have figured out your why. When you find your purpose and your WHY, you will recognize it. Consistency beats motivation. Discipline is what does the job. Discipline gets you moving, when your sorry ass isn’t motivated. So get motivated, strive to fulfill your purpose, but never forget to take time for yourself when needed.

Forget about yesterday. Today needs you. You can’t do anything about yesterday as it is gone. Focus on today so that you don’t regret tomorrow.

Nobody notices your pain, but everyone notices your mistakes. It’s a wicked world. Human beings are always looking for ways to find fault in you. They go to even extreme cases to make stuff up in order to ruin your name. That’s what THEY call life, because they have no life. Some people are just after your downfall. It is because of people’s mindsets. Negativity prevails, so people never see when you’re doing something right. But if you do something wrong, they will focus on that. People have the ability to judge, and they will until the last moment in time. So leave all the worries, and keep busy at your own stuff because that is what matters the most for you.

Pursue what catches your heart, not what catches your eyes.

It’s easier to pick out the flaws in others than it is to acknowledge your own. Try focusing on your flaws and fix yourself.

When you’re right, no one remembers. When you’re wrong, no one forgets.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes. Those are learning opportunities. A lesson learned often has twice the value of a victory.

You have no control over your thoughts. So sometimes worries might pop up in your mind, and that is ok. What is not ok is to keep giving your attention to that. Remind yourself that it isn’t a big deal, and then focus your attention on something more productive.

Distance yourself for a while, you’ll realize a lot. It’s ok to go “ghost” on everyone now and then if that’s what it takes for you to find peace and clarity in your life because silence is better than unnecessary drama. Disappear for awhile, focus on yourself and your goals, and return back unrecognizable.

When you make a choice, you change the future.

It’s not my business to interfere with other people; I’m too busy with me.

Work on yourself, prioritize self-care, and stay away from all bad vibes, but don’t forget to learn from your experience of bad vibes while taking distance from them.

Stop wasting time defending your problems and work on addressing them instead. One month of working on yourself will save you years of therapy bills. Work on yourself daily and watch your life change.

The only way to feel good about yourself is to love yourself and take care of yourself. Don’t waste your energy explaining the journey is just for you. The only priority is to prioritize yourself.

Benefits of prioritizing self care: Improved health, long term success, enhanced mental peace, increased self dependency.

Making money online is the only thing worth getting addicted to.

You can genuinely change your life just by changing whose content you consume. You need to find your mind and body the right stuff that can nourish it. So consume the right stuff, and see your life also move in that direction. You are what you eat, think, speak, and listen to.

Stop ‘bad’ social media, and consume ‘good’ social media. Unfollow all the BS. Follow only accounts with value that you can learn from, and that wants to make people better.

The quality of your life can never be greater than the quality of your thoughts. And the quality of your thoughts can never be greater than the quality of your inputs. If you consume negativity, you’ll produce negativity. Guard your mind, and nourish it.

Feeding your mind with garbage content will make you garbage. But nourishing it with fruitful ideas and thoughts will make you prosper.

Consume the history of great men, and you will find yourself inspired and driven.

The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. – Albert Einstein

What we consume have impact on our mind. Read good books and surround yourself with men with a purpose. What you consume is what you become.

Treat yourself like an asset.

Personalization in today’s content is a big boon and a bane. If you watch shit, you’ll get more shit from the internet. Don’t be full of shit.

You absorb and share the energy of the men around you. You completely underestimate how much your life is effected by the people you associate with. ENERGY transfer is real.

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