MMOHZ Journal Entry 004 Wednesday, October 19th, 2022

Today is Wednesday, October 19th, 2022, and this is my journal entry 004 for MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes), my journal of day to day life, interesting things to share, and my projects.

NOTICE: Each day a new journal entry begins with little writing. Throughout the day I write and add content. At the end of the day, this page will be filled with the full day’s journal writing, and all of the content I have collected.

1:28 AM CST – It’s 38 degrees in this early Wednesday morning. I’m in my home office, curating new content, and listening to the weather radio that is on in my kitchen. I seem to be listening to it a lot over the last couple of days. I just keep hearing cold weather this, and cold weather that. I’m gonna turn it off for awhile I think, and find something to eat.

1:47 AM CST – I’ve got some food in the microwave. I turned off the weather radio. I can only listen to that thing for so long before it starts to get annoying. So I’m gonna go eat, and then it’s back down stairs for me to my home office to get some work done. I’ve got some serious twitter scheduling I need to do. I may also step outside soon to see what the sky is looking like.

2:20 AM CST – Just posted a new night sky photo to my twitter. The sky is clear and it’s cold outside. Too cold to stay out for long, but I’m keeping an eye out for frost. It will be the first frost of this Fall season if it happens. Also the moon is coming up. I will go out again to get a photo of that in the night sky in an hour or two. –

3:11 AM CST – I fully intended to get some work done through this morning, but the motivation is not sticking with me to do what I intended with all of my twitter scheduling. I’m really feeling like I just want to go lay in bed. I can just lay down with my phone, and work on following new accounts on twitter. That is still working since it will better my reach on twitter.

3:24 AM CST – I went outside and took another night sky photo. The moon is coming up behind the trees. This may be the last night sky photo I take this morning, but if I’m awake in an hour, I’ll go take another one. –

12:00 PM CST – So obviously I fell asleep earlier this morning and did not go outside to take another night-mode photo of the sky with the moon coming up over the trees like I wanted to, but that is ok. This morning just before noon, I did go out and take a look at the sky. It’s a beautiful clear blue sky out, and the moon is still overhead. I took a couple of photos and posted them to twitter. –

12:04 PM CST – I saw a saying in a tweet on twitter this morning that has my mind in a slight blur about my projects. It basically said that you should be ALL IN with one project instead of trying to focus on several projects at a time. I feel like I am going to struggle a bit hard with this thought concept a lot today and probably well into the near future. I am one of those people who has more projects than I can count on my two hands. I have always treated them as individual focus as I work on them in rotations. I can’t lie though that it is common sense to me, that working this way may not produce the best results I want. This is not the first time I’ve been presented with this concept. I now feel like I should cut out some projects… but these projects are like my kids. I would feel like I’m abandoning my children. Oh yeah, this is going to be a struggle for me today. I wish I hadn’t seen that damn tweet on twitter lol. I have to give myself credit though, I have already been trying to declutter some things in my life, both home life, and online tasks. So maybe running into this concept of thinking today is just a booster I need to keep decluttering until I work out a smooth schedule with my most important projects.

1:45 PM CST – I had a small rant about Twitter and Tweetdeck today. I really think they need to work harder at making a cohesive platform. You can save bookmarks on Twitter, but you can’t on Tweetdeck. You can create and build collections of tweets on Tweetdeck, but you can’t on Twitter. What is crazy about it is that Tweetdeck is owned by Twitter, and has been for a long time. In my opinion, Twitter is the best social network platform on the internet (if you avoid the politics), and Tweetdeck is like the icing on the cake of Twitter, but it is irritating that these features don’t work together. Ok rant over. –

2:10 PM CST – Event on Twitter – Weed is coming to US gas stations next year – From Bloomberg – It reads: Weed is coming to US gas stations. Circle K, the global convenience-store chain, signed a deal with Green Thumb Industries, one of the largest US cannabis producers, to sell licensed marijuana at its Florida gasoline retailers. The partnership will begin next year with 10 of the company’s 600 locations in the state, Green Thumb said. The deal is a global first, given that legal marijuana has so far been sold only in stand-alone dispensaries in the US and within pharmacies in countries such as Uruguay and Germany. – That’s all we need in the United States, a bunch of potheads high has hell on the streets driving. I say that as someone who in the way far back past (1998 – and never touched it again), who today cannot say proudly, smoked a joint with some friends because I let them tell me I wasn’t good enough to hang out with them if I didn’t. I ended up as a driver that day for some reason I don’t remember, and know from experience, pot is not a good thing to be on behind the wheel of a vehicle. Of course Circle K doesn’t care as long as they can make a few dollars. –

5:49 PM CST – I ran out to take care of some errands. I ran into a problem at the service station where I normally get gas for my truck. Apparently their gas pumps weren’t working except for diesel. So I didn’t get gas this week. That’s ok. I have half a tank of gas in my truck. So I should be ok with the amount of driving I do. I didn’t stay out long. Traffic was horrible coming back home. The good thing is, I don’t have to leave home again for a couple of days.

6:47 PM CST – Something I’ve learned in only a few days of writing this online journal: Don’t give away all of my curated content at once. That is a very easy way to run out of content. So I’ll be saving some content that I collect soon to have ahead of the game. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Interesting Things I Found To Share Today:

This tweet on Twitter from HeyVisuals gives you 20 stunning homes that are totally unreal to see.

John Cleese on How “Stupid People Have No Idea How Stupid They Are” (a.k.a. the Dunning-Kruger Effect)

New Quotes and Sayings I Collected Today:

Reading can help you become a better writer. Positive affects: Expand your vocabulary, develop smart thinking, and improve your memory. To improve your writing — Read more.

Choose a good heart. Not a good face.

What’s coming is better than what’s gone.

Little things matter.

Sometimes you have to be alone to heal.

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