MMOHZ Journal Entry 005 Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Today is Thursday, October 20th, 2022, and this is my journal entry 005 for MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes), my journal of day to day life, interesting things to share, and my projects. So hello! and thank you for checking in for another journal entry at MMOHZ.

NOTICE: Each day a new journal entry begins with very little writing. Throughout the day I write and add content. At the end of the day, this page will be filled with the full day’s journal writing, and all of the content I have collected. Check back throughout the day for updates to this journal entry.

12:27 AM CST – Is it Thursday already? I’ve been working for the last few hours on cleaning out bookmarks on Twitter to collect new quotes and content for upcoming journal entries. It’s amazing how easy it is to accumulate so many, but that’s a good thing and I’m not complaining. I learned a lesson yesterday about dispensing all of the content I’ve collected at once. Don’t do it. I’ve learned that holding some back for the next entry in my journal makes my life as a content curator so much less stressful and still allows me to share a lot of content. I’ve just realized that I haven’t gone out to check the night sky at all since it got dark around 6 hours ago. So I’m gonna do that, and then get on with some more work in my office after a break.

11:55 PM CST – I’ve just had a nice long sleep. It’s 68 degrees outside. Mostly a clear sky with a few clouds and sunny. I have no plans for today specifically, but I have a few ideas in mind.

12:45 PM CST – I received a book in the mail today that I ordered some time ago. The title is Trees Of Hawaii by Angela Kay Kepler from 1990. It is a small, but interesting book, with lots of pictures. It has educational value I think still for a book that is now 32 years old. I don’t think the trees in Hawaii would have changed in that short time-span of earth history. I flipped through it at a glance, and I put it on my stack of books to disassemble and scan to make a digitized version of later.

1:21 PM CST – Today I made a conscious decision regarding how openly I use my name on my website here at in regards to reducing, but not fully being anonymous about who I am on my website. I’ve come to a realization that I don’t have to fully disclose my name in certain areas of this project if I don’t want to, and I’ve decided I don’t want to for a good reason. When I started this online journal, I intended for it to only be used for writing publicly about mundane things in my day to day life, and about some select content projects I work on. Then I realized that the search engines can pick up my name when they index this website, and anyone out there in the world could just do a simple Google search and this website could pop up in the search results. My blog is open to the public, and I have no shame for the content I’ve put on it so far, and for what content is to come. However as my website is growing, and as ideas for new content comes to mind day by day, I’m realizing that I have a lot of content I would like to share for viewing by my readers as far as some digital art I’ve created, photography, and some collections I have. Some of this content is adult only content. So rather than using my full name in my website’s header and footer, I will only use my initials. Also I won’t disclose my full name. I write photo ebooks and other publications, and usually my name is put on the covers of those materials. So when I start posting those covers as I’m sure I will, that is going to reveal my name, but I don’t think the search engines have the power to index text embedded on images that would show up in a search result for my name. I could be totally wrong about that however, but regardless these are all steps toward slightly being anonymous to the search engines, and not having this website discovered by anyone who knows me personally, that I have not shared this website with. I could go into the settings of my website’s admin panel and turn off indexing, but I don’t want to do that. I do want my website to be indexed by the search engines so that I can get traffic driven here and more people enjoy this blog. I just want to try and reduce how my name is indexed by them. I’m also undecided as to whether or not I’m going to post a photo of myself on this website. Maybe one that has some obscurity to it if I post one. In time I will be bringing links to my ebook stores and it is only through those links that anyone will be able to see what my full name is. So a slight bit anonymity is in order going forward from today.

3:45 PM CST – Was thinking about going to buy the Harry Potter complete movie set as I haven’t seen those movies yet. I just looked at however and I see they have Deadpool 1 and 2 on there recently added. I might check those instead. Or maybe I’ll go get the Harry Potter movies and watch the Deadpool movies later. Decisions, decisions.

4:02 PM CST – Recently I wrote about a quote I saw on Twitter that said you need to reduce the number of projects and responsibilities that you have. I also said that I felt like I was going to struggle with this. Today I’m feeling it. I’m really feeling like a seperation from some projects would bring me peace of mind. I’ve realized that I never have time to enjoy little things anymore, such as watching movies. I haven’t watched a movie in a long time where I just sat on my couch and payed attention to the film. I spend so much time in my home office, I sometimes forget what the rest of the house looks like lol. I feel some changes coming, but hopefully in a way that allows me to continue working on some things I love to do, but that also gives me time to simply enjoy life. Maybe this online journal can be used as a step in this new direction for me.

5:05 PM CST – Ok yeah I’m really feeling it… the disconnect from some things I enjoy doing because I’m always fighting at my computer to keep up with scheduling or something. It’s not just that, but it’s other things in my life I’ve been through this year that I won’t devulge in this journal because that’s not what this journal is for. Some things I need to let go of for sure though to bring some calmness to my spirit. I didn’t realize I’ve been so overwhelmed. I broke out some Perler beads kits (yes I said Perler beads) that I bought some time ago and never finished making. I might make one tonight and steer away from my laptop for awhile.

10:50 PM CST – So I made myself do it tonight. I made myself do something fun. I made a new Perler bead emoji. I posted it on Twitter. –

Interesting Things I Found To Share Today:

Webb scans a nearby brown dwarf and finds it has clouds made of sand

Watch an Avant-Garde Bauhaus Ballet in Brilliant Color, the Triadic Ballet, First Staged by Oskar Schlemmer in 1922

New Quotes and Sayings I Collected For Today:

Stay true, and you’ll find someone who likes you for being you.

The pain of regret lasts forever. The pain of action fades quickly.

Often question your choices.

Never question your worth.

Life rule: If you think about it every day, take the risk. No waiting.

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