MMOHZ Journal Entry 014 Saturday, October 29th, 2022

Today is Saturday, October 29th, 2022, and this is my journal entry 014 for MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes), my journal of day to day life, interesting things to share, and my projects. So hello! and thank you for checking in for another journal entry at MMOHZ.

NOTICE: Each day a new journal entry begins with very little writing. Throughout the day I write and add content. At the end of the day, this page will be filled with the full day’s journal writing, and all of the content I have collected. Check back throughout the day for updates to this journal entry.

For Today:

12:12 AM CST – Just saw a train passing by at the facility. It has occurred to me this morning that my Twitter scheduling may have ran out within the past few days on at least one of my projects, and I don’t even care. It’s not that I have no concern. It’s that I am at peace with just slowly building up my content and this MMOHZ website. I’ve got some more art to work on.

7:00 PM CST – I’m spending the evening trying to be productive. I’m working on some new art, and I’m considering to start working on adding my website directory to MMOHZ tonight. It’s only 36 posts and a main page for the directory that I have to add tonight. Shouldn’t be too difficult considering I have the time once I get the post template made.

From Yesterday:

12:08 AM CST – Three things starting off this new day shortly after midnight. (001.) It is Friday the 13th today. I’m not superstitious really, but it’s Friday the 13th. (002.) I mentioned in the last journal entry that I bought a new laptop. I’ll write more about it this morning soon. (003.) Today is the day that Elon Musk officially takes over Twitter, and a lot of folks on that platform are crazy over it. I for one am happy about it.

12:11 AM CST – I may or may not be having second thoughts about posting NSFW content to this new website.

6:23 AM CST – Ok I got the new laptop set up with the basics. I also made a new BLOG QUE page for the website this morning so that I can stop hoarding tabs in my Firefox browsers and just hoard the links instead. I saw online this morning that Elon Musk has fired a bunch of top execs at Twitter. I have a feeling this whole Twitter take over is going to be crazy as hell for awhile. I heard on YouTube that AWS (Amazon Web Services) threatened to shut down Twitter, and the Apple and Google app stores would remove the app if it doesn’t adhere to strict content moderation standards. I don’t think it will come to that, but they did take down Parler awhile ago. Can’t do anything but sit back and watch the show.

11:48 PM CST – I just finished a new Cross-Stitch World digital artwork. Can’t post it yet. I don’t have my laptop set up right now, so I can’t do the watermarking.

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Thanks for reading this post!

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