MMOHZ Journal Entry 016 Monday, October 31st, 2022

Today is Sunday, October 31st, 2022, and this is my journal entry 016 for MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes), my journal of day to day life, interesting things to share, and my projects. So hello! and thank you for checking in for another journal entry at MMOHZ.

NOTICE: Each day a new journal entry begins with very little writing. Throughout the day I write and add content. At the end of the day, this page will be filled with the full day’s journal writing, and all of the content I have collected. Check back throughout the day for updates to this journal entry.

For Today:

12:36 AM CST – It’s Monday! It’s also Halloween. So Happy Halloween!! I don’t have much else to say right now as I’m starting this new journal entry today.

1:40 AM CST – I’ve been on my laptop for some long hours. I’m shutting it down and packing it up. I will spend the rest of the morning making some new art, and catch up on some YouTube videos.

9:55 PM CST – Twitter Event – Taylor Swift Just Became The First Artist To Claim Every Spot On The Top 10 Of The Billboard Hot 100 – From Elite Daily –

10:01 PM CST – Trending on Twitter – Counter Social – I haven’t looked into it much, but from few comments I’ve seen, this seems like a new social media network that aims to prevents bots from getting on the network, among other things. I might check it out just to see if I can snag a vanity url under my brands, but I’m not leaving Twitter. –

10:21 PM CST – Just a out of the blue note – I much prefer the website version of SoundCloud over it’s app any way. Also a reminder to set up a new SoundCloud for MMOHZ.

10:24 PM CST – I had a small workout today after catching up on my rest. I haven’t had dinner yet though. I’m gonna make some fish and tater tots.

From Yesterday:

1:36 AM CST – Throughout the night I’ve been working on some website building here at MMOHZ. My focus currently this morning is to start building my website directory. I will be listing pages in this directory by topics of interest. I already have the content. I just need to build the pages and blog posts for this project. I made up a nice header image for this project. I’m leaning toward save it for tonight… you know… baby steps. I am also working on slowly transitioning into as few possible projects as I can. I’m considering to drop two business ventures I have going on, so that I can focus on this new journal, and start getting my photography and art posted more often.

3:17 AM CST – Ok so I have the main page of the website directory, and the first post for the directory published to the blog. Not bad considering I almost shut my laptop down for the night before putting any pages for this website directory up on my website tonight. So now, I am shutting my laptop down. I’ll pick up on this work later tonight.

3:58 AM CST – I said I was going to shut my laptop off awhile ago, but I didn’t. The reason was because I decided quickly to give some rss feeds a test run on my home page to see if it might be something I would like to add into my website. It has me thinking that I could make pages on the website for rss feeds from the major news outlets, plus some favorite blogs. Then I could make a navigation list to those pages, and create a network of rss feeds to bring in content. This could be a huge idea. We’ll see how it goes as I continue building MMOHZ. Now I will actually shut this laptop down. It’s time to pack up.

3:43 PM CST – I was just working on some new Cross-Stitch World app art, and an offer to remove ads was given if I purchased some Cross-Stitch “cash”. So I chose the lowest option at $3,500 for $4.99, but nothing was stated about whether this is a permanent ad removal option, or if it’s for a temporary time period. I guess I will find out eventually.

10:02 PM CST – Just looked on on Twitter, and I’m seeing it trending tonight that Twitter Blue will be changing to a $20 a month service, and that new upgrades to the service will allow subscribers to have their accounts verified. There are a lot of people with verified accounts claiming they won’t subscribe. Anyone who is not subscribed will not be verified. Personally I don’t see a problem with this. I’m sure I would trust someone who pays to show they are real on the platform, and not somebody who feels important because they were in the news for something, or has some high profile job that I don’t care anything about. I see this new plan as a way for little people like myself to gain some credibility for being authentic. I’m definitely watching development on this. I’ve been happy with what Elon Musk is doing with Twitter in only 3 days so far.

10:57 PM CST – Rainy night at the facility. It’s been a good day and evening though. I got new art made, and I’m posting new art to the blog until it’s time to shut down the laptop and pack up.

Recently Added To My Cross-Stitch World Digital Art Gallery:

Cross Stitch World app digital art image 3.
Number 3 – Cross-Stitch World App artwork completed on Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 at 6:40 AM CST.
Cross Stitch World app digital art image 4.
Number 4 – Cross-Stitch World App artwork completed on Wednesday, August 11th, 2021 at 8:31 AM CST.
Cross Stitch World app digital art image 6.
Number 6 – Cross-Stitch World App artwork completed on Thursday, August 12th, 2021 at 4:37 AM CST.

View the full galleryClick here to view the primary page of the full gallery. You may also click here to jump directly to my Cross-Stitch World Digital Art Gallery posts on my blog.

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Thanks for reading this post!

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