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Welcome to my Blog Que. This page has been placed on site primarily for my own use. I use this page to list items of interest as I find them that I may want to mention in my blog posts at some point. These may also just be listed so that I can hold links rather than keeping 40K tabs open in my browsers. You may feel free to check out the links if you would like. If you are a blogger also like I am, then you may find some of these links useful in your own blogging routine.

Articles In Progress I’m Writing:

Resources For Crafting With Perler Beads

Blogs of interest:


Books & Ebooks:

Goodreads – search results for “directory”

PDFDRIVE – search results for “the book of bizarre truths”

PDFDRIVE – search results for “trees”

PDFDRIVE – search results for “trees of north america”


Vistaprint – rounded corner business cards

Creator Support:


Ko-fi – seagreenzines – how I discovered ko-fi –

Patreon for writers


Nelsonwood Ergonomic Wooden Crochet Hooks


BILLBOARD MAGAZINE – American music magazine 1984 to Today –



Gadget Geek:

AOC 16″ LED USB-Powered Portable Monitor With Case, Black, E1659FWU – Office Depot –

ASUS® ZenScreen™ MB14AC 14″ FHD LED Portable Monitor – Office Depot –


Coolors – color palette last used –

Flaticon – Twitter icons

Google search – free halloween graphics

Google search – twitter icon

Local Area Interest In Alabama & Georgia:

AO TOURISM – Calendar of events

Google search – west point lake rocky point

Recreation – Glass Bridge Park, West Point Lake

Recreation – Rocky Point Recreation Area


Lighthouse Digest

Music I’m Hoarding:

Amazon – Talla 2XLC digital music albums search

Amazon – Talla 2XLC albums

Spotify – Talla 2XLC – Tranceology

Trancepodcasts – ASOT 675

Trancepodcasts – search results for “A State Of Trance Episode 657”


8 Apps to Enable Tabs in File Explorer on Windows 10

Google search – file explorer tabs windows 10

Tools & References:

Arc – It’s a browser –

Google search – add a line between lines online – Create beautiful images of Twitter posts –

TEXTFIXER – Add Line Breaks Online –

TIMEANDDATE – Calendar for Year 2022 –

Twitter Pages Of High Interest:

Product Hunt

The Browser Company

Twitter Tweets Of Interest:

From Product Hunt – What’s one app you’re obsessed with lately?


Wikipedia featured articles

Wikipedia main page

Wikipedia search for “west point lake”

Wikipedia wiki – West Point Lake

WordPress Support:


Forums – Latest Posts Block Bullets

Latest Posts Block

Mature Content

Topic Blogging

Tags in the Reader

XXX Blogs On Newtumbl:

usarmydude69 –

jakeboone –

XXX Pics On Newtumbl:

Chris Evans dick –

Ken Ryker –

XXX Vids On Newtumbl:

001. –

002. –

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Thank you for reading MMOHZ (pronounced memos – like notes). If you are new here, every day on this daily journal, I share my life of creativity as a content creator in art, and photography. I also participate in curating interesting content as I find it on the internet. Each day starts one new journal entry that I write updates to throughout the day about my projects, and other things to share.

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