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Since August 2021 I have been obsessed with the Cross-Stitch World Android app.

When I was in my teenage years, I loved doing cross-stitch projects. I would buy kits with my allowance. I never made many of those projects back then, but throughout my life I never lost love for the craft. I see a lot of cross-stitch projects posted on Tumblr frequently that I think are really cool. I could personally never get back into doing the craft with real thread and canvas. I have enough to do with my crochet and knitting projects when it comes to crafting. This doesn’t stop me however from enjoying time with the Cross-Stitch World app.

My biggest fascination with the Cross-Stitch World app is that it provides functionality to use photos to create custom cross-stitch patterns. Being the pervert that I am, I love to use dirty pictures I find on the internet (primarily Newtumbl) to make cross-stitch patterns for artwork. Yes I said artwork. Being that the Cross-Stitch World app can produce digital photos that you can save, I use the app as a tool to create artworks. For me, the art comes out of the work by the fact that you are only allowed up to 32 colors per pattern. So the app must translate a photo into a cross-stitch pattern using only up to 32 colors. It is always fun to me to see how a photo I chose to use is transformed into a work of art using a limited number of colors.

Once I’ve chosen a photo, and the app has made the pattern, I can sit for hours working in the app which simulates very well, the art of cross-stitching, and I don’t have to go out to purchase thread or canvas to enjoy a digital experience of the cross-stitch craft.

This gallery brings you all of the cross-stitch digital art I’ve created since August 2021. Some images are ones that are provided by the Cross-Stitch World app, but most are custom images I’ve done myself, and most of those are NSFW (not safe for work – aka xxx).

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NOTICE: Some content (NOT YET – BUT COMING SOON) on this website (art images in particular) may be NSFW (not safe for work, adults only, mature content). Images may depict erotic nudity. I strive to only post content that meets the conditions and limitations of my webhost provider regarding artistic expressions in the art I create and post on this website. This notice provided as courtesy for those who may find themselves easily offended.


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